The Economy of Coca-Cola

Would you like to buy the world a Coke? 1.7 billion Coke products are consumed every day. That's enough to circle the earth 5 times. Originally sold for a nickel a glass, today Coke is a brand worth $72 Billion. Learn more about this global business in this video that uses powerful and recognizable iconography to tell Coca Cola's story. This video was nominated for the 2012 Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Graphic Design and Art Direction in News and Documentary.

Our assembled team

Jot Reyes

Project Manager / Designer

The insight: Numerical comparisons make large numbers more relatable.

The idea: Produce a fast moving and entertaining infographic that entertains as it informs.

The results

Nominated for an emmy award

About the designer

Jot Reyes

Jonathan Reyes is a New York based animator currently employed by Bloomberg Television

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