American Beer Revival

Over the last hundred or so years, the brewing industry in the United States has changed dramatically. From the saloon era through consolidation to today's flourishing craft beer culture, it's been quite a ride. Take a look at how the small brewer is making quite a comeback after nearly a half century of decline.

Our assembled team

Lee Sherman

Project Manager

Nate Whitson

Designer / Animator

The purpose: Visually wanted to document the craft brewing revival and show how the small brewer is making a dramatic comeback

The insight: By combining a relatable topic with effective visualization, it's possible to achieve pickup by both mainstream publications and long tail blogs

The idea: Create an entertaining videos piece with a compelling storyline.

The results

About the designer

Nate Whitson

Nate Whitson is a Portland, Oregon based, animator, designer, and all-around creative genius.

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