The Patent Wars

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Alyssa George

Alyssa is a graphic & web designer, datavis fanatic, beer drinker & bar-hopper, knitting pro & Harry Potter obsessed.

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Aleksandra Todorova

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Alyssa George


The purpose: To simplify and explain the complex patent battles raging among tech giants by showing the connections between them. This infographic tells you how many patents a company holds and who is suing who; a complex web of suits and countersuits as well as who is selling patents to whom.

The insight: Patent laws have not kept pace with the level of innovation in the tech industry. Color coding and proper labeling can be used to clarify information and make for a more attractive presentation of data.

The idea: Visualization is an ideal medium for mapping the complex relationships among the players in the tech industry. Technical explainations can be beautiful!

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