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The purpose: Thanks to online services like Seamless, New Yorkers can now order food with just a few clicks. And that, in turn, has made it possible to collect and analyze heaps of anonymous data on delivery orders, including order cost, cuisine and tips. To analyze New Yorkers' takeout habits, we used Seamless data based on more than 3.5 million orders, sliced up into 20 different cuisines and 16 neighborhoods (14 in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens), topped off with average tips per cuisine, as well as average tip by neighborhood.

The insight: Good data can be fodder for numerous stories and yield a number of insights. For example, it many be It may not come as a surprise that Greek food is most popular in Queens or that Chelsea is the most health food-obsessed neighborhood, but we did uncover some curiosities. Think the Upper West Side orders the most Kosher food? Think again: that prize goes to Midtown East and West. Which neighborhood is most generous and which is stingiest in terms of tipping?

The idea: An interactive infographic built on top of interesting data can be an effective marketing tool.

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Nate Whitson

Nate Whitson is a Portland, Oregon based, animator, designer, and all-around creative genius.

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