College Football Recruiting

The Purpose

To generate excitement around the beginning of college football season, Bleacher Report wanted to create an infographic around college football recruiting. The team decided to create an interactive heat map visual that users could click or tap to access deeper data. Visually built the platform that could pull in, analyze and design relevant data from any provider, with a real-time RSS feed. For this infographic, Bleacher Report activated a feed from 247Sports that showed where each of the Top 200 College Football Recruits will play in 2014.

The Insight

Within two months of its release, the College Football Recruiting infographic had been embedded in more than 175 stories, driving 2 million page views to Bleacher Report. The best part is, using Visually's "shell" -- a customizable map that can use real-time RSS data from any other provider -- Bleacher Report can create an unlimited number of custom interactive heat maps in the future.

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